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Shared Equity Program

Sell Only a Little of Your Equity


The Lender will pay YOU today for a share of your home's future appreciation. 

  • There are no monthly payments

  •  There is no interest rate

  •  You can buy the Lender out or sell your home at any time. 


1.  Once you have applied, you will  be given an offer to purchase a fraction of your home.  The Lender will provide you with an offer based on the value of your home today.

  • If pre-approved, the Lender will provide a provisional offer based on the data you provide.

  • The offer is typically between 5% and 10% of your home's current value.

  • We'll ask you to complete a full application and provide documentation for the underwriting team.  

  • If possible, the Lender will improve on their pre-approval offer.

2.  Pick a time for a Licensed Appraiser to visit you. The Lender must ensure that the price is correct by checking your home physically.

  • The Lender will schedule a time for a home valuation visit.

  • You will be charged for the cost of the appraisal, which is typically $400 - $700.

  • The appraiser will visit and inspect the home.

  • We will share the appraiser's report with you once it's complete. The appraiser's value is an important component of the final offer.

3.  The money is usually sent within 4 business days of closing.

  • The Lender will finalize the offer following the appraisal and receipt of all support application documents.

  • You will meet with a notary to sign the Homeowner Agreement.

  • Escrow files a Deed of Trust and Memorandum of Option on your property in your county recorder's office.

  • Once the filings have been confirmed, the Lender will transfer the Offer Funds (less processing fee and escrow fee) electronically to your bank account. 

4.  We are paid when you are.

  • If you sell your home within the term, then the company is automatically paid from escrow.

  • If you don't sell, you can buy back the stake at any time during the term at the then current appraised property valued.

  • The Lender is paid a fraction of the home's value.  If the home has declined significantly in value, the Lender may be due less than it's original investment. 


HomeSaver Rescue Program

Rent Your Home  Back from a


A Foreclosure Bailout Loan is a mortgage designed to save homeowners from having the properties being foreclosed upon by their banks. it is basically a refinance loan. The home owner takes out a mortgage to pay off the current loan that's in default.

When taking a foreclosure bailout loan strongly consider paying the points to remove the prepayment penalty. This will allow you to fix your credit and get in a better loan quicker.

Foreclosure Bailout Refinances are based on the value of your home, and how much you owe your current mortgage companies. For this reason, most of these loans require an appraisal and an additional property valuation to complete.

Many lenders will lend as soon as 1 day after bankruptcy discharges.

You want to contact one of our  Advisors as soon as you feel your home is in jeopardy, the longer you wait the more your credit becomes affected and the harder it is to get you into a more stable situation. Time is the key to saving your home.

A foreclosure bailout loan should be viewed as step one of a three-step process to an affordable mortgage payment. Expect a high interest payment on this type of mortgage because of the risk factor.


Once you have your bailout loan completed and the NTS (Notice of Trustee Sale) and the NOD (Notice of Default) have been satisfied, then you maybe able to refinance within one day out of NST and NOD with one of our Sub-prime lenders and possibly cut your interest rate in half. Of course you must meet minimum credit and income qualifications.


If you don't qualify, then you must make 12 months of on-time new mortgage payments, you can then refinance into a better interest rate.

Most foreclosure bailout loans require at least 30% equity in the home and credit scores over 500. While many potential borrowers do not fall into this category there are some that do and can benefit from the bailout programs, contact us we maybe able to make an exception.


NOTE; we get people loans with really bad credit!

Anytime a mortgage goes 90 days late, most banks will consider that loan in default.

A foreclosure bailout loan will be costly and typically carry a higher interest rate because the lender's risk is so high




Equity-Based Loans

Cash Loans based on Your Equity

We can provide alternative financial solutions for borrowers who have been turned down by the bank for a traditional loan or for those who need cash quickly  Our streamlined process allows us to approve and fund loans in a matter of days based solely on equity in the property, and the purpose for the loan.  All loans are secured by owner-occupied & non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties.

Hard Money or Equity -Based Loans can help you get back on track by providing funds quickly to:

  • Upgrade a Property

  • Provide Funds for Your Business

  • Any Other Reason You Need Cash Quickly For

The Lender  usually can provide up to 70% of the appraised value (sometimes more) as a 1st trust deed and close in as little as 10 days.  2nd & 3rd Trust Deeds are available at a lower Loan-to-Value ratio.

The Lender will also assist borrower with an Exit Strategy to secure a long-term lower rate loan .