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The Foreclosure Loan Program is a foreclosure prevention/rescue program that assists unemployed and underemployed homeowners

who may have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. There are two rescue programs available:

  Home-Saver Rescue Program

  Shared Equity Program.


For more information, please fill the contact form on this page or call:

 1-877-601-2996 x700


Foreclosure Status>

Must be at least 30 days late on mortgage and submit an appraisal.


1. Sell a Portion of Equity

2. Rent Back Property 

Shared Equity>

Receive $50,000, $75,000, or more by selling a small percentage of your equity now for cash.

Non-Profit Rent-Back>

If you have no Equity, than you can rent your home back from a Non-Profit then buy it back.